Boom Booster

Boom Booster Kits

The Tadano Boom Booster kit for CC 38.650-1 and CC 88.1600-1 lattice boom crawler cranes elevates lifting performance to new heights, especially when working with steep and long boom configurations. Regardless if it’s for a new crane or installed as a field retrofit kit for existing cranes in your fleet, the Boom Booster Kit increases the main boom stiffness to significantly boost the crane’s capacity and main boom length.

Developed with extensive customer input, the Boom Booster increases project versatility for the CC 38.650-1 and CC 88.1600-1 models, as it allows both to outlift larger cranes in higher capacity ranges. With the kit installed, these cranes excel in heavy lifting applications requiring long-boom configurations such as petrochemical, wind turbine erection and power plant installation.

Add to the Boom Booster for the CC 38.650-1 the available Tadano Split Tray and Flex Frame innovations to further increase crane flexibility, reduce rigging time and improve lifting efficiency.

You can count on the Boom Booster to deliver…
· Heavy lifting performance
· Fast, cost-efficient transportation
· Quick installation

Heavy lifting

The Boom Booster Kit was developed to offer increased crane versatility in the most challenging applications. The kit’s compact, single-tube design makes it possible for you to handle extremely heavy loads with long boom systems.

Flaring-out boom width nearly 3 times that of the standard boom, the Boom Booster kit for the CC 88.1600-1 increases boom stiffness to boost lift capacity by more than 90%. With the Boom Booster installed, the lifting capacity of the CC 38.650-1 is increased by up to 30%, so the crane can complete projects typically reserved for 750-tonne (820 US tons) capacity crawler cranes, whereas the CC 88.1600-1 can outlift cranes in the 1,000- to 2,000-tonne (1100 to 1200 US tons) capacity range and, in some cases, even 3,000-tonne (3300 US tons) capacity range.

Cost-effective transportation

Significant thought went into the Boom Booster design to reduce the number of loads, and cost, for transport. The CC 38.650-1 Boom Booster kit’s overall width of 3.5 m (11.5 ft) improves transportation ease. Two additional regular boom sections slide into the Boom Booster kit during transportation, eliminating at least one truck for shipping to the jobsite. When moving the crane to a neighbouring worksite, it can travel with a boom length of up to 94.5 m (310 ft), saving up to five hours of assembly/disassembly to increase savings even further.

Transported in standard 12.2-m (40 ft) open-top containers, the CC 88.1600-1 crane’s full 72-m (236 ft) Boom Booster kit ships in a total of nine truckloads in markets that limit gross vehicle weight to 28 tonnes (31 US tons). Each intermediate section fits into its own container, while the upper and lower adapters ship in two containers each.

Quick installation

An innovative pin connection design for the Boom Booster of the CC 88.1600-1 eliminates bolts to build the Boom Booster, improving assembly speed and ease in the field. To further reduce kit construction and installation time at the jobsite, boom sections can be shipped partially assembled. Both the intermediate and adapter sections incorporate Tadano’s award-winning Fall Protection System and walkway to improve safety at height when assembling kit sections.