Capacity radar

Maximum safety for every lift: With the Tadano capacity radar on the IC-1 Plus

The capacity radar featured by the Tadano IC-1 Plus crane control system is enormously popular with crane operators all around the world – and for good reason: After all, the intuitive display helps maximize safety, which is particularly invaluable when carrying out complex lifts.

Working in the green

The IC 1-Plus crane control system determines a crane’s lifting capacity for every boom position subject to the superstructure’s slewing angle. The capacity radar then takes this information and shows the working range that is currently permissible with the current boom position.

Just like with pie charts, the maximum lifting capacity is displayed as a circular sector that covers a swivel angle of +/-30° and the available radius range as a function of the boom length.

Interpreting the circular sector, which is subdivided into parts with different colors, is remarkably easy: If the load shown as a black square is in the green area, the lift is safe. If it is moving in the yellow direction, it is getting close to using 90% of the available lifting capacity. And if it hits the red, this means that the maximum lifting capacity has been exceeded.

Automatic shutdown

Before a dangerous overload situation can occur, however, the IC-1 Plus will automatically shut down the crane in a controlled manner. In other words, all crane movements will be carefully slowed down even before reaching the capacity limit so as to ensure that the load will not be able to start swinging. In short, the capacity radar is there to reliably make every lift safe!