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Discover the world of Tadano Crawler Cranes


When it comes to lifting the heaviest loads to the greatest heights, there is no way around CC lattice boom crawler cranes for many crane professionals around the world. And that is no coincidence. Because our CC cranes are undisputedly the best on the market in many areas: They are

  • excellently manoeuvrable even under load
  • transport-optimised and assembly-optimised for maximum economic efficiency
  • up to any task with versatile boom systems
  • available in many capacity classes, some even as pedestal crane variants
  • equipped with interchangeable counterweight

PC 38.650-1 – powerful and flexible pedestal crane

The PC 38.650-1 is the powerful and flexible pedestal variant of the CC 38.650-1: with an identical lifting capacity of 650 tonnes, it offers an increased load moment of up to 8,784 metric tonnes at a working radius of 12 metres; with Boom Booster it is even 9,252 metric tonnes. But the PC 38.650-1 is not only “strong as an ox” – it is also incredibly flexible:

  • Thanks to its numerous main boom combination options, it can be perfectly equipped for an enormous range of applications. And of course, Split Tray, Flex Frame and Boom Booster are also available for it.
  • Its hydraulic support cylinders can compensate for unevenness so that time-consuming floor levelling is not necessary for many applications.
  • Thanks to an integrated adapter, the centre frame can be coupled to modular vehicles with their own drive (SPMT) or axle lines.
  • And of particular interest to CC 38.650-1 owners: the PC 38.650-1 is also optionally available as a pure undercarriage, which is compatible with the boom of the CC 38.650-1 and enables an easy change.


Innovative solutions such as Split Tray, Flex Frame and the performance-enhancing Boom Booster continue to set new standards in their performance classes and make Tadano CC cranes real high-performance machines.


The Tadano Boom Booster kit for CC 38.650-1 and CC 88.1600-1 lattice boom crawler cranes elevates lifting performance to new heights, especially when working with steep and long boom configurations. Regardless if it’s for a new crane or installed as a field retrofit kit for existing cranes in your fleet, the Boom Booster Kit increases the main boom stiffness to significantly boost the crane’s capacity and main boom length.

Versatility has a name: Tadano GTC-2000

With its lifting capacity of 156 tonnes and maximum load moment of 590 tonne-meters, this telescopic boom crawler cranecloses the gap between the 130 and 220-tonne capacity classes. In addition, its 60-meter main boom is the largest of its class and can be extended with four mechanically and hydraulically offsettable extensions with lengths of 5, 11, 17, and 23 meters, enabling a maximum system length of up to 83 meters. The GTC-2000 makes a compelling case in many other respects as well:

  • It has a traction force of 1,450 kN – the highest of its class.
  • Even at an inclination of 4°, it can still lift a class-leading 34 tonnes with a 30-meter-long main boom at a radius of 12 meters.
  • With a 13.9-tonne line pull, it can lift heavy loads, even with low reeving.
  • Thanks to a track width that is continuously adjustable from 3.5 to 6 meters, it is adaptable to all kinds of terrain conditions.
  • The transport width and height of the base crane are both only 3 meters, making the crane exceptionally easy to transport.
  • Featuring largely automated self-assembly, the crane can be set up and made ready for work in as little as 1.5 hours.
  • And, as you’d expect, it comes with the innovative IC‑1 Plus crane control system.