Exhaust emissions and noise have a growing impact for many applications, particularly in major cities and night projects. Plus, the lifting industry has a responsibility to deliver sustainable solutions to help solve this challenge.
Thanks to their compact design, AC cranes are often used in urban areas, inside buildings and at night, exactly where customers face these environmental impacts the most. With our innovative E-Pack, we offer an environmentally friendly solution designed to counter these challenges.

How it works

The electrohydraulic E-Pack system quickly connects to AC cranes and features an integrated electric motor for zero-emission crane operation, while significantly reducing noise levels. E-Pack excels at operating on sensitive applications where customers may face stricter emission-related requirements that make conventional crane operation with a normal diesel engine impossible.

Using the E-Pack requires the AC crane to be pre-equipped with the appropriate electrical and hydraulic connections. This can be done at the factory for new crane orders or as a field retrofit for existing cranes in a company’s fleet. The hydraulic connection between the E-Pack and the crane is made using hoses with compatible quick couplings. Once on site, the E-Pack is easily unloaded from the crane and connected to a common 400 V / 63 A electrical power supply.

Low operating costs

In addition to zero-emission and low-noise operation, the E-Pack also delivers significant cost advantages. Its intelligent electric motor control system ensures that only the amount of electric power needed for the required functions is used. This results in lower operating costs compared to diesel power and reduces engine operating hours.

Crane control and operation

The corresponding controls for E-Pack operation seamlessly integrate into the crane’s IC-1 control system. The in-cab touchscreen display is used to select E-Pack operating mode, electric motor start/stop, view the E-Pack’s status, and many other functions.

E-Pack powers all crane functions and runs the hydraulic air conditioning system to keep the operator comfortable. When it comes to telescoping, luffing the main boom, rotating, and running the hoist without a load, the operator will notice only minor performance differences compared to operation with the diesel engine.

Crane transported

When traveling to the jobsite, the E-Pack is loaded onto a special retaining system located at the back of the crane. Therefore, no additional loads are required to get the E-Pack to the jobsite, saving significant time and money.