Flex Base


Nimble and compact, Tadano all terrain cranes are often called to complete jobs in tight spaces. To get the job done, they must offer the right combination of boom length, lift capacity and innovative features to optimize capacities.

Tadano has answered this challenge with an innovative enhancement to our IC-1 Plus Control System that increases outrigger flexibility to perform even better in a broader range of applications. Tadano all terrain cranes feature:
· Flex Base stepless outrigger positioning
· Optimized lift capacities

Flexible Outrigger Positioning

Tadano’s Flex Base stepless outrigger system gives you the edge needed when working in confined spaces by increasing crane versatility. No longer are crane capacities calculated from fixed outrigger positions. Flex Base allows the operator to set the outrigger to any point within its range, so it can be positioned right up to an obstruction to achieve the largest possible outrigger base in any scenario.

Optimized Lift Capacities

Flex Base is an addition to our IC-1 Plus control system software. IC-1 Plus stores the lift charts for every crane configuration and automatically identifies outrigger setup, installed counterweight, superstructure angle, main boom length and telescoping sequence.
This allows the system to determine lift capacity for every boom position, subject to the superstructure’s slewing angle. The result – optimized lift capacities whenever the outrigger can be extended further than a prescribed fixed outrigger position of conventional systems. Therefore, the crane offers the maximum capacity, even on the most congested jobsite, unlocking its true lift potential.

Tadano AC cranes with IC-1 Plus featuring Flex Base are designed to power your passion. #TadanoDNA.