IC-1 Plus

IC-1 Plus

Precalculated 360° lifting charts significantly limit an all terrain crane’s lifting capacity. This holds especially true when not lifting over the outriggers or when you are working in a congested project site that requires asymmetric outrigger positioning.

Tadano all terrain and City cranes with the IC-1 Plus control system give companies more lifting and crane configuration flexibility, by offering the choice of 360° minimum or real-time maximum load chart calculation. IC-1 Plus helps you to:
· Do more with less to lower costs
· Unlock the crane’s maximum possible lifting capacity
· Promote safe and efficient crane use

MAXIMUM Capacity

IC-1 Plus allows you to take full advantage of the maximum available lifting capacity for the configuration, unlocking the crane’s true potential. IC-1 Plus stores the crane’s lifting charts for every configuration and determines, in real-time, the crane’s lifting capacity for every boom position, subject to the superstructure’s slewing angle.

On congested job sites that require asymmetric outrigger positions, the crane is no longer limited to the minimum value of a precalculated 360° lifting capacity. Since capacities are displayed instantaneously in the cab, IC-1 Plus allows the operator to position the crane to take advantage of lifting over the outriggers, where capacity is at its maximum.

Intuitive & Efficient

Tadano all terrain and City cranes offer automated counterweight rigging to avoid the need to work at height and reduce crane set-up time at the jobsite, improving efficiency. IC-1 Plus recognizes counterweight configuration to automatically determine possible crane capacities.

While other systems offer capacity updates in 10° steps, the IC-1 Plus capacity radar allows crane operators to see lifting capacity in real-time, so they are confident the crane will handle the load. The green, yellow, red color display helps the operator to visualize when the load is in the “green” zone or approaches the caution “yellow” zone. The screen shows max capacity for +/- 30° slewing angle and luffing area.

As the load moves closer to the yellow zone, working speed decreases. The system automatically stops crane movement prior to reaching an overload condition.

The Tadano IC-1 Plus control system combined with asymmetric outrigger positioning gives you the flexibility to use a smaller crane or transport less counterweight than with a 360° precalculated chart system, improving project efficiency. IC-1 Plus gives you the flexibility to mobilize fewer trucks, reduce on-site setup time and lower costs.

IC-1 Plus is a part of the #TadanoDNA.