The measure of things: The lifting capacities of Tadano cranes

When it comes to maximum lifting capacities, Tadano cranes are often the standard by which things are measured in their respective capacity classes – especially at steep boom positions. And in quite a bit of cases, no other cranes come even close to surpassing that standard.

AC 7.450-1 – the most powerful in steep positions

It should come as no surprise then that many crane service providers swear by Tadano, with tower crane erection projects being one of many relevant scenarios here. A prime example is the current Tadano AC 7.450-1, which was optimized precisely for this type of erection work and accordingly boasts the largest lifting capacities on the market when its boom is in a steep position:

  • 23.7 tonnes with the fully extended 80-meter boom in a standard configuration, and an extraordinary…
  • 37.3 tonnes with its enhanced SSL.

Its “smaller” brother, the Tadano AC 6.300-1, is also unbeatable in its class: It can lift an impressive 15 tonnes with its fully extended 80-meter boom in a steep position!

The tower crane erection specialists of choice

In the meantime, word about Tadano cranes and their often unrivaled large lifting capacities at steep boom positions has gotten around among many customers who also have their own tower crane fleets. It is not surprising then that Tadano cranes are popular among these customers, with the machines either being explicitly requested for erecting their tower cranes or even being a part of their fleets – the Tadano AC 7.450-1 in particular as of late.