AC 2.040-1


    The most powerful two-axle crane available when working with steep boom positions

    Lifts loads up to 7.6 t (8.4 tons) with fully extended main boom.

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    In terms of its lifting performance, the Tadano AC 2.040-1 raises the bar particularly when it comes to steep boom positions: With a fully extended boom length of 35.2 meters (115.5 ft) at a radius of eight meters, it can lift loads of up to 7.6 tonnes (8.4 tons) – something that no other crane in this class can do.

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    Uncover blind spots and view tail swing radius, outrigger reach, and more with this six-camera system providing ultimate 360° awareness

    Surround View helps with positioning on the job site and supports the driver in road traffic.

    The Ideal 360° View During Project WorK

    The optional Tadano Surround View makes it easier for the crane operator to position the crane at the job site, providing the ultimate 360° awareness. The Surround View works wonders for support when turning left or right or uncovering blind spots that may hide pedestrians, cyclists, or obstacles. This patented system also uses the six crane cameras to display the possible outreach of the outriggers, as well as the tail swing radius at the current position of the crane in a computer-aided display.

    Enhance Outrigger Positioning While Optimizing Lift Capacity

    With Flex Base the crane is able to work with asymmetric and stepless outrigger positioning.

    The innovative Flex Base stepless outrigger system makes it possible to extend the outriggers to any point within their range. It offers the operator real-time determination for positioning right up to obstructions to achieve the largest possible outrigger base. This helps to optimize lift capacities for a lot of all terrain cranes, which are all nimble and compact models perfect for completing jobs in tight spaces. Flex Base, as the IC-1 Plus control system, automatically identifies outrigger setup, installed counterweight, superstructure angle, main boom length, and telescoping sequence.

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    A maneuverable compact crane

    Clean axle loads: Stays under the 12 t (13.2 tons) axle load limit while carrying 1,1 t (1.2 tons) counterweight.

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    As a two-axle crane, it is extraordinarily compact and perfect for use at constrained work sites. The crane owes its exceptional maneuverability where space is tight to a number of factors, including its steerable rear axle with automatic programs for extremely tight radii and crab steering. Moreover, the compact design with an optimized weight also improves the new Tadano’s roadworthiness, giving it outstanding taxi crane capabilities: It can carry up to 1.1 tonnes (1.2 tons)of counterweight while staying under an axle load limit of twelve tonnes. Also, the AC 2.040-1 will not need any extra permits thanks to its EU Stage V classification, which means it fulfills the latest emission standards. In fact, its state-of-the-art Cummins engine rounds out this picture: The 310-hp (231-kW) diesel engine offers enormous power reserves that provide both low fuel consumption and a long drive train service life.

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    Robust and manoeuvrable carrier chassis

    Rugged undercarriage with excellent gradeability and acceleration while featuring quite operation.

    The AC 2.040-1 delivers excellent gradeability and acceleration, as well as quiet travel operation, particularly in comparison to larger cranes – an aspect that is becoming increasingly important against the backdrop of stricter noise emission limits in urban environments, for instance.


    Telescope under load thanks to fully hydraulic boom.

    The AC 2.040-1 makes a compelling case when it comes to its ability to telescope under load with impressive lifting capacities.

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