On-board diagnostics

All crane statuses at a glance: With Tadano on-board diagnostics on the IC-1

We want you, in your role as a crane operator, to be aware of the operating condition of your Tadano crane at all times. This is why we integrated an on-board diagnostics option into the corresponding control system all the way back in 2001. And it not only was the most advanced system on the market back when launched, but also continues to set new standards today as an integral part of the IC-1 crane control system.

Information in plain language

The crucial advantage behind Tadano on-board diagnostics is that information on all of the crane’s operating conditions is provided not only in the form of codes, but also in the form of plain language. This ensures that in the event of a malfunction, crane operators can immediately see what caused it and either how they can fix it directly on site or which spare part they need. And if on-site troubleshooting is not possible, then operators can provide the workshop or servicing team with the relevant information. The result? The ability to get back to work quickly, reducing expensive downtimes.

Connection to IC-1 Remote

One thing that is particularly convenient is the fact that the on-board diagnostics can also be read remotely with the Tadano IC 1 Remote telematics solution – both by customers from their office and by Tadano Service at the plant. Among other things, this guarantees speedy troubleshooting.

Full system check

The on-board diagnostics feature covers all of your crane’s functionalities – not just for the superstructure, but for the carrier as well. This means that the hydraulic system, the joystick, and the CAN buses are checked, as are fluid levels, temperatures, tire inflation pressures, and much more. In other words, Tadano on-board diagnostics are an extremely convenient way to ensure that your crane remains in tip-top shape at all times.