Remote control

Next Generation: The new Tadano wireless remote control

Setting up and operating Tadano cranes with a remote control has never been easier, more precise, or more convenient. The reason? Simple: Every crane function and movement can now be controlled with the new wireless remote control the same way as it would be in the cab. And that includes the speed with which commands are carried out, as minimum command duration and response times are only slightly longer.

Everything within view – everything within reach!

A five-inch anti-glare monitor that is easy to read means that operators always have all the information they need when setting up and operating their crane. In fact, the crane’s entire level of functionality is available in both cases with the wireless remote control: It can be leveled with extreme precision; the main boom can be extended, retracted, and tilted as necessary; the hook blocks can be reeved, and the counterweights can be set up.

Operating the crane from where things happen

Every crane operator knows it: There are things that can be done better when one has a direct line of sight from various angles to the place where things are happening. A perfect example is reeving hook blocks. And the new Tadano wireless remote control is not only tremendously helpful in these cases, but also contributes to maximizing safety and reducing costs by eliminating the need for a signalperson in certain cases.

To be available for all new models in the future

As of this writing, the Tadano AC 4.080-1 and the AC 7.450-1 already come with the new wireless remote control, and all future models will feature it as well.