The bar has been raised: The enhanced Superlift solution on the Tadano AC 7.450-1

With the invention of the SSL Sideways Superlift system, our engineers and technicians made quite the splash in the industry with the launch of the Demag AC 500-1 all the way back in 2001. So it was only natural that we would take this successful solution and enhance its powerful performance characteristics. The first crane to benefit from this innovative development is the Tadano AC 7.450-1.

The design makes all the difference!

With the new design, the Superlift arms are attached all the way at the front on the head of the main boom, so that their useful length is longer and makes it possible to reach significantly larger lifting capacities. This means that the AC 7.450-1 is considerably superior to other seven-axle cranes – in fact, it even leaves some eight-axle units behind in a number of boom positions.

Predestined for tower crane erection work

The bottom line is that the AC 7.450-1 offers the best SSL lifting capacity of its class, and this makes it the crane of choice for one application in particular above all else: erecting tower cranes. This is thanks to its ability to lift an extraordinary 37.3 tonnes with its 80-meter main boom and an SSL setup. No other crane in its class can do this, and it can in fact still lift a remarkable 23.7 tonnes with its 80-meter boom without using the SSL system.

Safe and fast setup

The new Superlift design not only offers more powerful performance, but also significantly improved functionality and handling. In fact, the new design only requires one single wire rope line for the connection between the main boom head and the SSL arm. In addition, the SSL arms are pinned hydraulically on the main boom, which reduces the time-consuming manual work involved in securing the arms and the associated exhausting work at height. This, together with the use of practical multi couplers, reduces setup times significantly.

The cherry on top: The new Sideways Superlift system is so compact that it can be transported within a standard truck width of 2.55 meters.