Surround View

Get a birds-eye view of your crane’s surroundings

Tadano Surround View provides ultimate 360° awareness – making it easier for the crane operator to position the crane at the job site. This patented system uses up to six cameras to display the possible outreach of the outriggers, as well as the tail swing radius at the current position of the crane on a display. Surround View also gives you a complete overview of what’s around the crane when making left or right turns and uncovers blind spots that may hide pedestrians, cyclists, or other obstacles. It’s automatically activated when the turn indicator is operated.

Tadano Surround View is available for the AC 4.080-1, AC 7.450-1 and AC 2.040-1.

· Innovative camera array provides complete 360° view
· Video feed shown on separate display in carrier cabin
· Can be used as a driver aid while in motion – when turning right, items in blind spots like cyclists, pedestrians or obstacles are shown in the display
· Patented system: indication of outrigger positions and counterweight tail swing radius for quick setup