Tadano Green Solutions

Alternative diesel fuels

Underway with zero emissions thanks to HVO & Co.

For Tadano, the topic of sustainability is anything but lip service: Our worldwide goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from our business activities by 25% and from our products by 35% by 2030. And to complement that, we are making sure that you can also contribute significantly to climate and environmental protection with your Tadano cranes.

“Green” fuels for many Tadano cranes

How so? Easy: The vast majority of Tadano cranes made in Germany are suitable for use with low-carbon fuels, and that is across various model ranges – from many AC models, through HK truck-mounted cranes, all the way to the GTC-2000 telescopic boom crawler crane and CC lattice boom crawler cranes.

It is also worth mentioning that this applies to more than just the latest models. Many older Tadanos were also designed to run on alternative diesel fuels – your Tadano contact person will be more than happy to let you know whether you can use HVO & Co. to fill your own Tadano crane.

Practicing what we preach

Alternative HVO diesel fuel is already in use at our plant premises, where we use it in some of our test and delivery drives in order to stay true to our promise and reduce our carbon footprint. And the results have been extraordinary:

This renewable and carbon-neutral fuel, which is made with vegetable oils and animal fats, has nearly the same power density as fossil diesel fuel. In other words, using it does not come with a performance hit during travel or lifting, meaning that there is absolutely no reason not to bet on Tadano and green power.