Crawler Special

Discover the world of Tadano Crawler Cranes


When it comes to lifting the heaviest loads to the greatest heights, there is no way around CC lattice boom crawler cranes for many crane professionals around the world. And that is no coincidence. Because our CC cranes are undisputedly the best on the market in many areas: They are

  • excellently maneuverable even under load
  • transport-optimized and assembly-optimized for maximum economic efficiency
  • up to any task with versatile boom systems
  • available in many capacity classes, some even as pedestal crane variants
  • equipped with interchangeable counterweight

CC 68.1250-1 – Outstanding capacity and agility.

The CC 68.1250-1 delivers outstanding load capacities across all working ranges, especially with a luffing jib. It sets the standard in its class with a maximum load moment of a remarkable 17,478.2 ton with a lifting capacity of 1,092.4 tons at a radius of 52.5 feet. As circumstances require, the agile CC 68.1250-1 can pirouette in tight spaces with its standard, powerfully propulsive Quadro drive. Interchangeable counterweights across all Tadano CC lattice boom crawler cranes can save storage and transport costs. Safety is always paramount, as its ESTA award-winning fall protection design keeps people on the safe side during assembly and disassembly.

The CC 68.1250-1 sets the class standard with a remarkable load moment of 15,856tm
and incredible lifting capacity of 991t at a 16m radius. This large crane delivers smaller crane
mobility in tight spaces with Tadano exclusive Quadro drive offering powerful propulsion
and counter rotating tracks.

A special boom configuration for wind turbine applications combines main boom sections of the
CC 68.1250-1 with the main boom sections of a CC38.650-1 and lightweight fixed jib, eliminating
the need for the superlift structure. Equipped with 119m of main boom plus the light 15m fixed jib,
the CC 68.1250-1 offers a 132m hook height and lifts 123t at a 18m radius.

Increasing crane flexibility with minimal investment, the crawlers can be replaced with outriggers
to convert this model into a pedestal crane.


Innovative solutions such as Split Tray, Flex Frame and the performance-enhancing Boom Booster continue to set new standards in their performance classes and make Tadano CC cranes real high-performance machines.


The Tadano Boom Booster kit for CC 38.650-1 and CC 88.1600-1 lattice boom crawler cranes elevates lifting performance to new heights, especially when working with steep and long boom configurations. Regardless if it’s for a new crane or installed as a field retrofit kit for existing cranes in your fleet, the Boom Booster Kit increases the main boom stiffness to significantly boost the crane’s capacity and main boom length.

Versatility has a name: Tadano GTC Series

Designed for maximum performance on challenging terrain and minimum setup complexity, Tadano telescopic boom crawler cranes provide enormous versatility thanks to their rugged and adjustable crawler carrier. Moreover, the optimized transportation dimensions and weights significantly reduce transportation costs.