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    This 80-ton machine represents a total redesign and upgrade from the traditional Tadano Rough Terrain style. The GR-800XL-4 has a main boom length of 154 feet, which is usually reserved for the 100 US ton class.

    5-section boom:
    154.2 ft
    2-staged bi-fold jib:
    33.2 ft/ 58.1 ft

    Maximum lifting height:
    154.5 ft [Boom]
    211.3 ft [Jib]

    Maximum load radius:
    145.0 ft [Boom]
    160.0 ft [Jib]

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    The GR-800XL-4 has a compact 2-axle carrier which offers improved maneuverability and reduced footprint for ease of transportation. The vehicle body weight is less than 100,000 pounds, making road permits easy to acquire. The largest model in its class that can be transported by trailer without dismantling.

    Overall length: approx. 47′ 2″ (14,375 mm)
    Overall width: approx. 10′ 10-1/2″ (3,315 mm)
    Overall height: approx. 12′ 6-7/16″ (3,820 mm)

    Fuel savings

    conexpo reveal

    The APU is a diesel-driven unit that is currently approved for use as an optional accessory for new orders of Tadano RT models GR-1000XLL-4, GR-800XL-4, and GR-1000XL-4 in the USA and Canada.